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Yes, I still have the freedom to express myself, To flaunt my beauty and mingle around ourselves, After a longtime, we all are free, To feel our sky again, to cross the open spree, Unable to understand, why the humans are all locked, They use to craft the cage, but we see them framed, No big birds capturing my sky, All dissolved but we don’t know why, We heard someone whispering about their conditions, Till humans are murmuring many evasions, Some says the karma, some says the calamity, Whatever they did, we pray for their safety!

Some come and go, Some come and stay forever, Some just come and row, Some stand and apart never!

Let me wish, to witness you, Let me adore, the beautiful you, Let me see the colors of you, Let me fly just like you.

To spread your charm and wisdom, Have to come and open your wings of wisdom. Need to toggle the ground, To spread like the speed of light and sound. Then the sky is all yours, Just open the wings and see the cures.