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I too stand near the brink, Not just to witness the rise and sink, I too stand close at dawn, Not just to sigh and moan, I too stand near the depth, Too just verge out the wrath.

Stockholm, Sweden Some lights attracts my soul, Some swings removes the haul, Some water make me cherish, Some heights, is what I wish.

Stockholm, Sweden Rejuvenated from the cradle to end, Past time beckoned the sizzle to bend. Lived the time, lived in echo, Bowed to lead and lead to bow.

Goa, India Let the thrill embark on you, Let the courage be the face of you, Let the thunder be silent for you, Let your sail on top of every view.

Ship, India Gregarious can find the veins under the veil, But alone it is really hard to reveal. Referring about the odd or the differences, Be calm and reveal the senses.

Phuket, Thailand Urge into the matter which sleeve, Wish the nature which creed to feel. The blueness all around, Just like healing my wound.

Goa, India Under the trail of sun, Beside the craze of one, Holding just hand in hand, Under the veil of sand, Just lying all around the shore, I just can’t ask for more.

Sometimes thirst are just for the necessity, The way to come out of ignominy, It’s unlike the greediness, the echelon lead, The necessity must come above the race and creed.