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I just wish to move aimlessly, In the world of noise, to deal vernally, I do gather some shots, Just to witness the tour and its froth, Froth, which just vanish a step ahead, Reaving my soul in pain and red, I just have these memories to recall, Shredding all time, but still counting spring and fall!

Daily I witness a home of one, All day, the bird nests at the top of helm, But I feel bad for one, As the leaves are falling in a run, The autumn is going through like a shun, The winter is coming but taking the home of one, With in time, I will be unable to see the home of one! As all colors are going to be white without sun, I just wish, she manages to nest at the top of helm, She finds another city and any other elm.

Lappis, Sweden Some colors define my life, Some seasons define my life, Some parting leaves are just part of my life, But the wood is like the phrase of my life,

Once impeccable, then hails the odyssey, Once down to roots, hails the legacy, Once the greenery is spread, hails the beauty, Once it survives, it becomes a necessity.

Jaipur, India Moon sparkles the admiring sheen, Beautiful the nature simply endeavor to lean. Narrow green but admire the boulevard, Love the nature to remain unheard.

Pune, India Some colors are the spring of life, Some beauties are the need of life, Some sheen are the creed of life, and some blossoms are the way of life.

Pune, India In the shade and under the bower, Blissful the sun and alluring the shower. Love for care, love for nature, Nature the mother, we just the creature.