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Gujarat, India Hope is what I kept inside the shell, I at the zenith nor I am made to sell. Time passing along the traveler, I hope someone’s wait along this traveler.

Royal Palace, Stockholm, Sweden Royal is more than the expression of aura, In the veil of history and it’s persona, The class among all the residencies, A marvel full of fancies.

Universal Studios Singapore The journey is the ├ęclat of your passion, Like anxiety to witness the eclectic creation

Penang Hill, Malaysia The top of city, the crest of hill, 5 kms to climb, on your will, Or a train to catch, to see the beauty, Just chill and enjoy the creativity.

Goa, India Under the trail of sun, Beside the craze of one, Holding just hand in hand, Under the veil of sand, Just lying all around the shore, I just can’t ask for more.