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Life is like a train, it goes from light to dark then to light, It faces the drag forces yet reaches to final site, In between there is a hell of journey, Of pride, of sacrifice, of patience and anxiety, In between you loose, you win, you face, While chirping you make memories in a race, Some beautiful, some thoughtful, some painful, But in that you have the hell of empty and full! Still life never stops before the final break (brake), As you live for yourself or a sake!

India The phase or the phrase lightning towards dark, The pulse or the veins, cloche like bark. The time we are through, the clock we are following, The persona we own is that we must keep believing.

Penang Hill, Malaysia The top of city, the crest of hill, 5 kms to climb, on your will, Or a train to catch, to see the beauty, Just chill and enjoy the creativity.