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A Solo Bike Trip: Delhi to Kanyakumari

Why is there a new hymn about the journey and not the destination? What does it take to be a traveler? What does it take to travel six thousand km on a bike? These are the few questions apart from managing funds, putting a month’s leave from office at stake, convincing your parents, and believing in yourself to accomplish a dream. So in between all this fuss, it was my time to travel from Delhi to Kanyakumari, my dream trip. With two days of planning for surviving twenty days on the bike from only here to there. With a beautiful start from the Arawalis of Rajasthan, sunset at Daman, kissing the Dudhsagar Waterfalls, riding from the Deccans, through the streets of Kerala, arriving at the Southernmost tip of India, Kanyakumari; A destination of not dreams but a journey above the dreams. Yes, it looks haphazard because the trip was too unplanned, but filled with adrenaline, with always decreasing fuel level and my pocket, but the enthusiasm was always there. It was all about the roads, my riding capacity, and my excitement to get the answers to so many questions. Now let’s not dig to the answers but the journey of finding these answers!!

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I too stand near the brink, Not just to witness the rise and sink, I too stand close at dawn, Not just to sigh and moan, I too stand near the depth, Too just verge out the wrath.

Stockholm, Sweden Sometimes you don’t awe the time, Sometimes you don’t realise the shine, Sometimes you miss the evening in all time, But later you realise it was not another time.

Blackeberg, Stockholm Let the light ignite my life, Let the sheen be more rife, Let my boat, be on the bank, Let me set above the rank.

Gokarna, India Never stood for the stand which was to excel, Along aloof on side in order to sell. Creeping on shoulders for the path I need, Simply begging for spur for which I bleed. Laughing as never I stood, ever I stand. In the midst of snow, I verge as sand.

Gokarna, Karnataka, India Either a charisma, either the elegance. Beauty signifies the craze of nuance. Sagacity is beckoned by the serenity of persona, Like the sheen of eyes or the remedy like soma. It’s the pleasure to define the beauty, Shaping by words reduces the class of ditty.

Goa, India Sometimes fall are the start of new, Sometimes fall have a different view, Sometimes fall is the shade of all zeal, As it act like a jubilant heal.

Butterworth, Malaysia Sometimes just climbing the success, Is just like solidifying the wax, All will see the glorifying sparkle, But you will be alone seeing the haziness.

Neither I started to walk a long, Done by mistakes as I never the wrong. Suave is simply I defined my path, I need the snuggle but deflected by wrath. Sure I allowed my destiny to lose the game, Still I beckon the aura which remains the same. Addle is what I make my statement, Along the breeze I miss the wave with whom I went. Hope is what I kept inside the shell, I at the zenith nor I am made to sell. Time passing along the traveler, I hope someone’s wait along this traveler.

Every thing has different shades all time, Unlike the night and the red wine.