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Sometimes you feel the positivity, sometimes you feel the blank brightness, Sometimes you wait it to hide behind the clouds, sometimes you miss the sheer suaveness, Sometimes you need the rays, sometimes you need bright and wise, Sometimes you wait till sunset, sometimes you praise the sunrise !

It is not just about light, It is the picture of you in sight, It does not just display the hunger of you, It shows the openness of you, Mark the light but even grace your shadow, Move ahead but always embrace to bow.

Pune, India Speed of thunder but calmness of rill, Like fear of mighty at the hill. The sugar voice with a bold admiration, The canvas plight with a determined ammunition.

India Quotes encourage the cowards to rise, It’s only you who can make you rise,

Pune, India Neither I think to love nor to admire, It’s my soul which will never mire. The friendship, the mate, the group to laud, True amicability provides the warmth of God.

Pune, India Sometimes you can’t the predict the charm, Sometimes you misjudge the warmth, Sometimes you don’t look the mere light from clouds, But always try to heal from the wounds.