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The entire area only for the students, this is Lappis for you, Around the Baltic backwaters and amazing forest view, Known for the student parties, known for the happening life, Around the Stockholm center, with an evergreen eternal beautiful vibe!

A time comes where the hands stop writing,But still, you need to put your words for binding!

Now coffee is a medium than a beverage, For small talks, to sound like sage, To discuss the life stories, or to keep the heart out, To keep alive, during the sleepy bout!

KTH, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden This time the college life is much different, There is not much in and around, There is fika, there are other vibrant, But there is not much in and around, The place is above the dreams, More than beautiful it seems, The sheen and elegance of Stockholm, The art in every stone, Yet there is not much in and around, Might be the mind is not much around !

In the loud world, sometimes mirror speaks the most, It reflects sometimes hazy yet true to the host, Behind the shimmer, behind the glare, You are subtle and aware!

Life witnesses many corners, life stills at many corners, Life gets illuminate at some corners, life thrills at some corners, Life sees many faces at varying corners, Yet life goes green while running through corners!

I never imagined that I will be in love with summer, The smiling faces just like the bright sun of summer, The beautiful bright day to sassy evening, The holiday time, with friends and cheering, The excitement is in the air right now, I can feel the zest of life now,

Not a drink for Indians, much more than emotions, Comprises of tales and the stories of every notion, The best to live with, to enjoy with your mates, Yes on a beach, to go high with different talks and states, Waiting for the sunrise on a foggy day, Built the memories on every laugh and say.

The city of elegance and the capital of calmness, Surrounded by the Baltic, and its holiness, Enriched by the fika culture and surely by the students, A typical student city and the capital for prudents, The host of the nobel prize and the pride of Scandinavia, The city accolades the best at city hall and even other trivia, The beautiful city life , with forest and beach even at centre of city, In summer, back water reflects the sun’s beauty, In winter, the back water host the ground for skiing, The city is sheer love as holds the butterfly feelings.

Randomness also has a lot to offer, But it demands the actions unlike the confer, Simply following can lead to anywhere, Hence a road is required to come out the mere, Let the brightness provides a path for you, Unlike, that sparkle can bring the haziness for you, Be selective, be decisive and have the audacity, As the random light with a path can lead to sagacity!