Life witnesses many corners, life stills at many corners,

Life gets illuminate at some corners, life thrills at some corners,

Life sees many faces at varying corners,

Yet life goes green while running through corners!

Swedish Summer…

I never imagined that I will be in love with summer,

The smiling faces just like the bright sun of summer,

The beautiful bright day to sassy evening,

The holiday time, with friends and cheering,

The excitement is in the air right now,

I can feel the zest of life now,

Tea and Tales…

Not a drink for Indians, much more than emotions,

Comprises of tales and the stories of every notion,

The best to live with, to enjoy with your mates,

Yes on a beach, to go high with different talks and states,

Waiting for the sunrise on a foggy day,

Built the memories on every laugh and say.

Stockholm and the Back Water…

The city of elegance and the capital of calmness,

Surrounded by the Baltic, and its holiness,

Enriched by the fika culture and surely by the students,

A typical student city and the capital for prudents,

The host of the nobel prize and the pride of Scandinavia,

The city accolades the best at city hall and even other trivia,

The beautiful city life , with forest and beach even at centre of city,

In summer, back water reflects the sun’s beauty,

In winter, the back water host the ground for skiing,

The city is sheer love as holds the butterfly feelings.

Following the Light!

Randomness also has a lot to offer,

But it demands the actions unlike the confer,

Simply following can lead to anywhere,

Hence a road is required to come out the mere,

Let the brightness provides a path for you,

Unlike, that sparkle can bring the haziness for you,

Be selective, be decisive and have the audacity,

As the random light with a path can lead to sagacity!

Train to Catch on…

Sometimes I think, where am I leading to,

Had some dreams for me, am I leading to,

Standing in the middle of twenties, standing in middle of path,

A train to catch on, from the bower of wrath,

An easy path to go on, outside the wish,

Or to take a turn against the swish,

Unable to understand, unable to lead,

Moving towards right but against the creed,

It’s tough to follow but sometimes tougher to take the call,

As I witness the fog in fall,

Quite unclear, quite surreal, Quite a love,

I dream more against the current verve!


Unlike the fall, when you wait for the rise,

When you sit beside, to wait for the sunrise,

Around the beach, around the friends, around some music,

You wait to feel the calmness and hymn for the sync,

When you just think too deep, too sharp to feel that glory,

At times, when you wait for a shine in your story,

When you wait, watch and feel the breeze,

While around the bonfire but still in a state of freeze,

Still you awe the beauty around you,

Cause at times you love the serenity around you!!

Modern Scenery!

Imaginations have evolved from woods to road,

Expectations have been raised from narrow to broad,

Ambitions have been crafted from horses to horsepower,

Shadow is not only sleeked from bower,

But yes, that clock is always ticking through day and night,

Either you wear the past or future’s knight.

Spark in Life!

Royal Palace, Stockholm

I do think the role of spark in life,

The sheen of that glare, or the roar in that rife,

I do think, how things changes your mood of life,

As even beats or the chorus of crackers add spark in life,

That illumination, those colors, this ambiance,

Does this life, vows around the spark of that life!!?

Scenic !

Baltic Sea

It’s always not necessary to wait for the perfect scenery,

Sometimes every shade of life belongs to purest ivory,

You just need to understand, to live all the moments you have,

Cause you are just a bare away from the sunshine, you wish to have!

Life is a Cruise


When you think it is just a trip,

Surely you had no idea what can be the flavour of the sip,

You just knew, you might be alone,

You just imagined you can be in a good tone,

Yes, the trip was as alluring as the ship seems to you,

Yes, it created a vista in just a single view!

Just after Rain

Odenplan, Stockholm

Sometimes the moments are left after the event,

Sometimes the fragrance is eternal after the scent,

Sometimes you don’t have a frame but you have the entire picture,

Sometimes you are leaving all but loving the miniature!


The Fleet, Scania, Södertälje

Want it run, want it to drive,

The technology has become niche to hive,

The experience sometimes says all,

A fun to be on road, great to drive all.

A Road to remember

KTH, Stockholm

It’s a start for me,

Just to travel and a lot to see,

It’s a start for me,

To wind the road, and all set to go free.

Between the swings

Stockholm, Sweden

Some lights attracts my soul,

Some swings removes the haul,

Some water make me cherish,

Some heights, is what I wish.


Stockholm, Sweden

Rejuvenated from the cradle to end,

Past time beckoned the sizzle to bend.

Lived the time, lived in echo,

Bowed to lead and lead to bow.

Let me put it straight

Blackeberg, Stockholm

Let the light ignite my life,

Let the sheen be more rife,

Let my boat, be on the bank,

Let me set above the rank.

All in Sync

KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden

All in ears, all in emotions,

All in sync, all in notion,

All in rhythm, all in harmony,

All in valor and soothing shiny.

Drottningholm Palace

Royal Palace, Stockholm, Sweden

Royal is more than the expression of aura,

In the veil of history and it’s persona,

The class among all the residencies,

A marvel full of fancies.

Where Nobel Prize is Designated

Stockholm City Hall

The Stockholm city hall or the golden hall,

Where the nobility is celebrated like a ball,

Every year the stage is set to accolade,

To honor the best of date.

A medallion, a game changer, the best in world,

Shining like the soothing emerald.

Royalty is Quintessence

The palaces holds the odyssey of human class,

Sometimes the ruler rules the heart and mass,

Sometimes it shares more about swords and war,

Sometimes it glares the peace to near and far.