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This what we all crave for, Like when a child, to grow for, To live the life on our terms, To make the decisions either soft or firm, To wake or sleep without alarm, Watching movies all night, and eating desserts without harm To play cricket either in sun or in rain, To got to exams without thinking about the pride or shame, Loving like all day and night, In crisis to rise like a knight,

Pune, India A time should lead to get above the clouds, Where you feel above the wounds, Where you are free to set the path, Where you are not the blossoms of the wrath.

KL, Malaysia A shoot to perceive, A shot to look, All from welkin, all across the brook, The cities are the nest of human living, All are big to fight, small to sing, But it was ease to click that one, As I was 10k feet above from the drama of everyone.

Langkawi, Malaysia All set to cross the sky, On the cable to travel and fly, In the midst on admiring scenery, Enjoy the weather along with savory.

Every thing has different shades all time, Unlike the night and the red wine.