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Sometimes I think, where am I leading to, Had some dreams for me, am I leading to, Standing in the middle of twenties, standing in middle of path, A train to catch on, from the bower of wrath, An easy path to go on, outside the wish, Or to take a turn against the swish, Unable to understand, unable to lead, Moving towards right but against the creed, It’s tough to follow but sometimes tougher to take the call, As I witness the fog in fall, Quite unclear, quite surreal, Quite a love, I dream more against the current verve!

Imaginations have evolved from woods to road, Expectations have been raised from narrow to broad, Ambitions have been crafted from horses to horsepower, Shadow is not only sleeked from bower, But yes, that clock is always ticking through day and night, Either you wear the past or future’s knight.

We never run out in the search of beauty,As wherever we lie, we want to wreath the serenity.Whatever you try, what you don’t do to seem,If it doesn’t come in real, it comes in dream.From there you go mad about it,You fire the soul, or ready to apart for it,So what’s it, which mesmerize all beings lying here,But the craze is that, every one die for different craze here,For a beauty, but what is beauty?It is when you sigh and bliss together in affinity.Might be a soul for me, or might be a face for you,Might be the above picture for him, might. be the stars for her to sew.Might be throne for them, might be a simple job for those,But beauty is surely that which covers the flaws!!

Simply beautiful, what comes in my mind, Simply with aura, changes my mind, Somethings just seize your thoughts, There is still some scenery, in the world of plots!

KL, Malaysia A shoot to perceive, A shot to look, All from welkin, all across the brook, The cities are the nest of human living, All are big to fight, small to sing, But it was ease to click that one, As I was 10k feet above from the drama of everyone.