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Aachen, Germany Rarely, we find all clear in many days, From the roads, to the sky and beautiful rays, All open, just like my mind, my emotions, On the road where you walk in different notions, Rushing, running, fuzzing, yet a sense of completion, Rarely, you feel free in the frisking fusion! But today it’s clear for me, my road to travel, Living perturbed, but not ravel!

Randomness also has a lot to offer, But it demands the actions unlike the confer, Simply following can lead to anywhere, Hence a road is required to come out the mere, Let the brightness provides a path for you, Unlike, that sparkle can bring the haziness for you, Be selective, be decisive and have the audacity, As the random light with a path can lead to sagacity!

Stockholm, Sweden Sometimes you don’t awe the time, Sometimes you don’t realise the shine, Sometimes you miss the evening in all time, But later you realise it was not another time.

KTH, Stockholm It’s a start for me, Just to travel and a lot to see, It’s a start for me, To wind the road, and all set to go free.

GeorgeTown, Malaysia Let it bridge the gap, Let it find the way, Let it see the light, let it mark the ray, Let it find a new a road to travel, But don’t wait for a ravel.

Neither I started to walk a long, Done by mistakes as I never the wrong. Suave is simply I defined my path, I need the snuggle but deflected by wrath. Sure I allowed my destiny to lose the game, Still I beckon the aura which remains the same. Addle is what I make my statement, Along the breeze I miss the wave with whom I went. Hope is what I kept inside the shell, I at the zenith nor I am made to sell. Time passing along the traveler, I hope someone’s wait along this traveler.