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Unlike the fall, when you wait for the rise, When you sit beside, to wait for the sunrise, Around the beach, around the friends, around some music, You wait to feel the calmness and hymn for the sync, When you just think too deep, too sharp to feel that glory, At times, when you wait for a shine in your story, When you wait, watch and feel the breeze, While around the bonfire but still in a state of freeze, Still you awe the beauty around you, Cause at times you love the serenity around you!!

Amanuensvagen, Stockholm They just soothes the rive of my mind, As they hold the power to beat the music for my mind,

KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden All in ears, all in emotions, All in sync, all in notion, All in rhythm, all in harmony, All in valor and soothing shiny.