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Like these pictures, life is unusual and subtle, Some might see the dark, some might the sheen, Like these pictures, life might have a cradle, Or swing between own understanding of disliking and keen!

Some shades are vivid and intense, Some clicks are sharp and intense, Some moments are beautiful and intense, But moon is always full of sheen and intense!

Neither I can write in words about the sheen, Neither I can describe about the suaveness and it’s keen, Neither I can talk about the naiveness it reflect, Neither I can defy it’s importance and prospect. As it’s absolute glory to witness the crescent, As it shines and stand up like regent!

Neither I nor the mirror reflects as naive like the moon, Quite far but still gaze like a boon, Attractive to some, symbol of love for some, A mirror to beauty and might be a crush of sun , Some shades, some reflections and some light, It has the aura to surpass the bright!

Random clicks, random thoughts and random clues, Are random till you don’t define your moves, But there is nothing random with the moon, It shines and allures like my moon!