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GeorgeTown, Malaysia Let it bridge the gap, Let it find the way, Let it see the light, let it mark the ray, Let it find a new a road to travel, But don’t wait for a ravel.

Twin Towers, KL, Malaysia Either I was born together, Either I looked like you forever, Either I was named with you, But it too had a different view.

KL, Malaysia A shoot to perceive, A shot to look, All from welkin, all across the brook, The cities are the nest of human living, All are big to fight, small to sing, But it was ease to click that one, As I was 10k feet above from the drama of everyone.

Butterworth, Malaysia Sometimes just climbing the success, Is just like solidifying the wax, All will see the glorifying sparkle, But you will be alone seeing the haziness.

Langkawi, Malaysia All set to cross the sky, On the cable to travel and fly, In the midst on admiring scenery, Enjoy the weather along with savory.

Penang Hill, Malaysia The top of city, the crest of hill, 5 kms to climb, on your will, Or a train to catch, to see the beauty, Just chill and enjoy the creativity.

Neither I started to walk a long, Done by mistakes as I never the wrong. Suave is simply I defined my path, I need the snuggle but deflected by wrath. Sure I allowed my destiny to lose the game, Still I beckon the aura which remains the same. Addle is what I make my statement, Along the breeze I miss the wave with whom I went. Hope is what I kept inside the shell, I at the zenith nor I am made to sell. Time passing along the traveler, I hope someone’s wait along this traveler.

Sometimes the soul is uncompassionate to fly, but wings do it’s job, Sometimes you do the hard work, but does not come out of prob, So keep the perseverance and calmness like a bark of you, Never know when you hit the new.

Sometimes a capture has everything instead the soul, They are capable to run but allowed to crawl, In the midst of all beauty aside, Let’s open the heart and think much wide.

The beauty lies in hill, The success lies in will, The zenith is all I admire, Just want to bear the brisk fire.