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True, light symbols the happiness and positivity, True, light poses for the direction of creativity True, it roars against the darkness and verse about mind, But this light is too special, as it’s against the wind, This light is brought on a leader’s call, Where the citizens celebrate even at the time of fall!

I don’t want to dramatize every saying, I don’t want to color the raging, I don’t want to overlook the light in us, But definitely I want to freeze the fight among us!

It is not just about light, It is the picture of you in sight, It does not just display the hunger of you, It shows the openness of you, Mark the light but even grace your shadow, Move ahead but always embrace to bow.

Pune, India In the dusk after the noon, Sparkling the swish across the moon. Neither the black but still nor the white, Mesmerized by honcho, as all aficionados the light.