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Sometimes you feel the positivity, sometimes you feel the blank brightness, Sometimes you wait it to hide behind the clouds, sometimes you miss the sheer suaveness, Sometimes you need the rays, sometimes you need bright and wise, Sometimes you wait till sunset, sometimes you praise the sunrise !

Once impeccable, then hails the odyssey, Once down to roots, hails the legacy, Once the greenery is spread, hails the beauty, Once it survives, it becomes a necessity.

Let me wish, to witness you, Let me adore, the beautiful you, Let me see the colors of you, Let me fly just like you.

Either a charisma, either the elegance. Beauty signifies the craze of nuance. Sagacity is beckoned by the serenity of persona, Like the sheen of eyes or the remedy like soma.

Pune, India In the dusk after the noon, Sparkling the swish across the moon. Neither the black but still nor the white, Mesmerized by honcho, as all aficionados the light.

Jaipur, India Moon sparkles the admiring sheen, Beautiful the nature simply endeavor to lean. Narrow green but admire the boulevard, Love the nature to remain unheard.

Being under the bower does not back my charisma, Neither on ladder as I enrolled myself in enigma. Behind the bars or under the shadow, Still I desire the missing rainbow.

Gokarna, India Never stood for the stand which was to excel, Along aloof on side in order to sell. Creeping on shoulders for the path I need, Simply begging for spur for which I bleed. Laughing as never I stood, ever I stand. In the midst of snow, I verge as sand.

It was sure in my mind, It was across and lined, It was about my feel for you, It was about my thoughts and view, But it was much more about my loneliness and care, Just like the sunset and empty chair.

Albert Hall, Jaipur, India The illusion or dream of adolescence, Destined to zenith or in verge of penance. The smile, the laugh, the voyage to dream, From a struggler to the meticulous beam. A craze which incorporated to be the one, The Sparks of echelon is like the son of sun.