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Simply beautiful, what comes in my mind, Simply with aura, changes my mind, Somethings just seize your thoughts, There is still some scenery, in the world of plots!

I just wish to move aimlessly, In the world of noise, to deal vernally, I do gather some shots, Just to witness the tour and its froth, Froth, which just vanish a step ahead, Reaving my soul in pain and red, I just have these memories to recall, Shredding all time, but still counting spring and fall!

Once impeccable, then hails the odyssey, Once down to roots, hails the legacy, Once the greenery is spread, hails the beauty, Once it survives, it becomes a necessity.

Pune, India A time should lead to get above the clouds, Where you feel above the wounds, Where you are free to set the path, Where you are not the blossoms of the wrath.

Pune, India Aloof a like, alone to stand, Lot to power, lot to strand, Keep yourself enlighten, The spark will aloof the frighten.

Langkawi, Malaysia All set to cross the sky, On the cable to travel and fly, In the midst on admiring scenery, Enjoy the weather along with savory.