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Iconic in a sense of its stature and teachings, Classy in a tone of its structure and preachings, Magnum opus in terms of heritage and sagacity, Exemplary in a way of longevity and sheeny serenity!

Life is like a train, it goes from light to dark then to light, It faces the drag forces yet reaches to final site, In between there is a hell of journey, Of pride, of sacrifice, of patience and anxiety, In between you loose, you win, you face, While chirping you make memories in a race, Some beautiful, some thoughtful, some painful, But in that you have the hell of empty and full! Still life never stops before the final break (brake), As you live for yourself or a sake!

The river vesting across the city, The bridge flowering the love around the city, The locks holding the love of everyone, Locking the beats and chiming the sun, Veiling in dawn, whistling around the dusk, Setting a tone of love and fragrance of rose and musk!