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Let’s stare in hate, let’s stare in love, Let’s stare in anger, let’s stare in verve, Let’ stare to inspire, let’s stare to respect accomplishments, Let’s look deep into eyes to forgive the foolishness!

More than photogenic, more than scion of nature, More than full of life, more than amazing creature, More than dancing soul, more than sassy, High in character and more than classy!

Every time bring it’s own aura and the new way to smile, Currently when people are locked, these beautiful creatures are all loud for a while, When they just step outside my door, ask me to flash my camera on them, I am simply spellbound, on the poses of them, They should have all the time to feel free in this world, Also when the humans are out and above their whirled!

Yes, I still have the freedom to express myself, To flaunt my beauty and mingle around ourselves, After a longtime, we all are free, To feel our sky again, to cross the open spree, Unable to understand, why the humans are all locked, They use to craft the cage, but we see them framed, No big birds capturing my sky, All dissolved but we don’t know why, We heard someone whispering about their conditions, Till humans are murmuring many evasions, Some says the karma, some says the calamity, Whatever they did, we pray for their safety!

Daily I witness a home of one, All day, the bird nests at the top of helm, But I feel bad for one, As the leaves are falling in a run, The autumn is going through like a shun, The winter is coming but taking the home of one, With in time, I will be unable to see the home of one! As all colors are going to be white without sun, I just wish, she manages to nest at the top of helm, She finds another city and any other elm.

Sometimes thirst are just for the necessity, The way to come out of ignominy, It’s unlike the greediness, the echelon lead, The necessity must come above the race and creed.