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In the loud world, sometimes mirror speaks the most, It reflects sometimes hazy yet true to the host, Behind the shimmer, behind the glare, You are subtle and aware!

Goa, India A chance to live life in a best way, A chance to breathe in a best way, A chance to laugh in a best way, A chance to cherish in a best way, A chance to create memoirs in a best way, Just go on a trip with your best, is a best way.

Goa, India Sometimes fall are the start of new, Sometimes fall have a different view, Sometimes fall is the shade of all zeal, As it act like a jubilant heal.

Phuket, Thailand Urge into the matter which sleeve, Wish the nature which creed to feel. The blueness all around, Just like healing my wound.

Goa, India Under the trail of sun, Beside the craze of one, Holding just hand in hand, Under the veil of sand, Just lying all around the shore, I just can’t ask for more.

Let it be rise, let it be fall, let the beauty to rise and stand tall, Let the sheen, sparkle everyone’s life, Let everyone to enjoy the free beautiful sunset and sunshine.