Stockholm, Sweden

Rejuvenated from the cradle to end,

Past time beckoned the sizzle to bend.

Lived the time, lived in echo,

Bowed to lead and lead to bow.

Let me put it straight

Blackeberg, Stockholm

Let the light ignite my life,

Let the sheen be more rife,

Let my boat, be on the bank,

Let me set above the rank.

Open your wings

To spread your charm and wisdom,

Have to come and open your wings of wisdom.

Need to toggle the ground,

To spread like the speed of light and sound.

Then the sky is all yours,

Just open the wings and see the cures.

Eyes of the stars

Ramsagar Trek

In awe of the dancing star,

In charisma of waving in shower,

In the zeal of her spirituality,

Always heading her sagacity .


Pune, India

Some colors are the spring of life,

Some beauties are the need of life,

Some sheen are the creed of life,

and some blossoms are the way of life.


It was with you when i felt the love,

It was with you when i felt the dove,

It was with you when I felt like star,

It was with you, to feel the sweet and sour,

It was you who came as a fairy,

But it is you makes me merry.

I wish you remain my side,

I fulfill your dreams and you become my bride.

Wishing to walk through the lane

Ramsagar Trek, India

Barista enhances the class of bean,

The destiny to make ahead, wishing from teen.

Stalwart is just the phase of pallbearer,

Lancing to kiss as a bearer.


Being under the bower does not back my charisma,

Neither on ladder as I enrolled myself in enigma.

Behind the bars or under the shadow,

Still I desire the missing rainbow.


Gokarna, India

Never stood for the stand which was to excel,

Along aloof on side in order to sell.

Creeping on shoulders for the path I need,

Simply begging for spur for which I bleed.

Laughing as never I stood, ever I stand.

In the midst of snow, I verge as sand.

Waves and Shades

Goa, India

Let the thrill embark on you,

Let the courage be the face of you,

Let the thunder be silent for you,

Let your sail on top of every view.


Gujarat, India

Hope is what I kept inside the shell,

I at the zenith nor I am made to sell.

Time passing along the traveler,

I hope someone’s wait along this traveler.

A Lot can happen on table

It was sure in my mind,

It was across and lined,

It was about my feel for you,

It was about my thoughts and view,

But it was much more about my loneliness and care,

Just like the sunset and empty chair.

Dreaming yet standing Tall

Albert Hall, Jaipur, India

The illusion or dream of adolescence,
Destined to zenith or in verge of penance.
The smile, the laugh, the voyage to dream,
From a struggler to the meticulous beam.
A craze which incorporated to be the one,
The Sparks of echelon is like the son of sun.

Cuteness Overloaded

A bit and bite is all I want,

To rise, fall and grant,

Need a space to nest my living,

Crave for love and serving.

Iron Man

Statue of Unity, Gujarat, India

Kowtow the man who leads from front,
From the germination to the eclipse frond.
Riding on beacon like the king of palace,
The leader of atrocious leading race.
Hails from bottom to the crown,
Lifting on the bridge which follows up & down.
Belling like the phoenix wing,
Moving between the swish of swing.
Ramping the lid to spark the fire,
Encroaching the naive love from the ire.
Pacing the beats to lead the wave, hard from core but smile like suave.
Nationalist or the biased nationalist does the favor,
But surely awarded by the mix of flavor.
Finally, the pace of sword,
From the stall to the heartiest lord.


Gokarna, Karnataka, India

Either a charisma, either the elegance.
Beauty signifies the craze of nuance.
Sagacity is beckoned by the serenity of persona,
Like the sheen of eyes or the remedy like soma.
It’s the pleasure to define the beauty,
Shaping by words reduces the class of ditty.

Fall and Spread

Pariah the rest as enigmatic the accord,

We rely on naïve, as it’s not the sobriquet of a single cord.

Who doesn’t adore the success?

But it dims with melting wax.

The falling water teaches to change,

As well soothes and amaze.

Just Cruise in life

Ship, India

Gregarious can find the veins under the veil,
But alone it is really hard to reveal.
Referring about the odd or the differences,
Be calm and reveal the senses.


Pune, India

Speed of thunder but calmness of rill,
Like fear of mighty at the hill.
The sugar voice with a bold admiration,
The canvas plight with a determined ammunition.

A Journey to Light


The phase or the phrase lightning towards dark,
The pulse or the veins, cloche like bark.
The time we are through, the clock we are following,
The persona we own is that we must keep believing.



The day says I lost to night,
Heart says I fly like kite.
Enjoy every day as last day,
Hope the new, trails the way.

Rise with you


Quotes encourage the cowards to rise,

It’s only you who can make you rise,

Albert Hall

Jaipur, India

Passing through the Midas never resides to allure,
Falling down is like the shower which has to be pure.
Brain, thinking and sieving to touch the need,
Paying the blood for the thought I creed.
Running through the bark for the dream,
Lying with the pearl for the eclectic sheen.
Beacon craving the veil of ordeal,
Admiring the bow, as it aficionado the range of feel.


Pune, India

Neither I think to love nor to admire,
It’s my soul which will never mire.
The friendship, the mate, the group to laud,
True amicability provides the warmth of God.

Go Goa

Goa, India

Beaches are just like human beings,

Always have two views of seeings,

One from left, one from right,

But it is much more from center sight.

Rise and Fall

Pune, India

Sometimes you can’t the predict the charm,

Sometimes you misjudge the warmth,

Sometimes you don’t look the mere light from clouds,

But always try to heal from the wounds.

Royal Fireworks


Let the spark be explored,

Let the light be flowed,

Let the charm be showed,

Let the colors be rain bowed.

All in Sync

KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden

All in ears, all in emotions,

All in sync, all in notion,

All in rhythm, all in harmony,

All in valor and soothing shiny.

On track

Buddh International Formula One Circuit, India

Someday everyone has to compete,

But it counts the pain, to get the feat,

It’s all behind the curtains,

As every sweat counts to get into main frames.

It’s red, it’s hot, it’s svelte, it’s ahead,

On the track, it surely does behead.

All I Need

Goa, India

A chance to live life in a best way,

A chance to breathe in a best way,

A chance to laugh in a best way,

A chance to cherish in a best way,

A chance to create memoirs in a best way,

Just go on a trip with your best, is a best way.


GeorgeTown, Malaysia

Let it bridge the gap, Let it find the way,

Let it see the light, let it mark the ray,

Let it find a new a road to travel,

But don’t wait for a ravel.

Sometimes beauty lies in fall

Goa, India

Sometimes fall are the start of new,

Sometimes fall have a different view,

Sometimes fall is the shade of all zeal,

As it act like a jubilant heal.

Typically Humans

Jaipur, India

Sometimes you just see yourself in mirror,

Sometimes gets shock in fear,

But they are better version of what we see in mirror,

Unlike them, we make tough for each other, in fear.

The treasures

Chittorgarh Fort, Rajasthan, India

They stood tall, they remain tall,

They are the pride, who died but did not fall,

They fought the battles, they lifted the baton,

They kept the moustaches like the craton,

They were the pillar, who lifted the forts,

Had a smile while facing the swords.

From mirror to canvas

Jaipur, India

A trip is not just a travel,

It’s a cruise of exploration and marvel,

Like stages are not just for show,

It’s for the showman for whom people bow.

Come above it

Pune, India

A time should lead to get above the clouds,

Where you feel above the wounds,

Where you are free to set the path,

Where you are not the blossoms of the wrath.

Can stand tall anywhere

Pune, India

Aloof a like, alone to stand,

Lot to power, lot to strand,

Keep yourself enlighten,

The spark will aloof the frighten.

Drottningholm Palace

Royal Palace, Stockholm, Sweden

Royal is more than the expression of aura,

In the veil of history and it’s persona,

The class among all the residencies,

A marvel full of fancies.


Pune, India

In the shade and under the bower,

Blissful the sun and alluring the shower.

Love for care, love for nature,

Nature the mother, we just the creature.

The twin is aside

Twin Towers, KL, Malaysia

Either I was born together,

Either I looked like you forever,

Either I was named with you,

But it too had a different view.

Just from sky

KL, Malaysia

A shoot to perceive, A shot to look,

All from welkin, all across the brook,

The cities are the nest of human living,

All are big to fight, small to sing,

But it was ease to click that one,

As I was 10k feet above from the drama of everyone.

Blue Water

Phuket, Thailand

Urge into the matter which sleeve,

Wish the nature which creed to feel.

The blueness all around,

Just like healing my wound.

Puss in Boots Giant Journey

Universal Studios Singapore

The journey is the éclat of your passion,

Like anxiety to witness the eclectic creation

Even sparkles has haziness

Butterworth, Malaysia

Sometimes just climbing the success,

Is just like solidifying the wax,

All will see the glorifying sparkle,

But you will be alone seeing the haziness.

Sky Bridge

Langkawi, Malaysia

All set to cross the sky,

On the cable to travel and fly,

In the midst on admiring scenery,

Enjoy the weather along with savory.

All in train, All at hill

Penang Hill, Malaysia

The top of city, the crest of hill,

5 kms to climb, on your will,

Or a train to catch, to see the beauty,

Just chill and enjoy the creativity.

Life is a beach

Goa, India

Under the trail of sun,

Beside the craze of one,

Holding just hand in hand,

Under the veil of sand,

Just lying all around the shore,

I just can’t ask for more.

Where Nobel Prize is Designated

Stockholm City Hall

The Stockholm city hall or the golden hall,

Where the nobility is celebrated like a ball,

Every year the stage is set to accolade,

To honor the best of date.

A medallion, a game changer, the best in world,

Shining like the soothing emerald.

Royalty is Quintessence

The palaces holds the odyssey of human class,

Sometimes the ruler rules the heart and mass,

Sometimes it shares more about swords and war,

Sometimes it glares the peace to near and far.

All around the path

Neither I started to walk a long,
Done by mistakes as I never the wrong.
Suave is simply I defined my path,
I need the snuggle but deflected by wrath.
Sure I allowed my destiny to lose the game,
Still I beckon the aura which remains the same.
Addle is what I make my statement,
Along the breeze I miss the wave with whom I went.
Hope is what I kept inside the shell,
I at the zenith nor I am made to sell.
Time passing along the traveler,
I hope someone’s wait along this traveler.