Ever burning has lighten the enigma,

Ever flames have erased the stigma,

Ever this light has enlighten the mind,

Better you water, before flames persuade like wind.


Darker in sense, Lighter in feel,

Sharper in taste, bright in reel,

Braver you act, far you lead,

Less you water, harder to reap!

More the anger, less you rise,

Dim the lamp, and act like wise!


We never run out in the search of beauty,
As wherever we lie, we want to wreath the serenity.
Whatever you try, what you don’t do to seem,
If it doesn’t come in real, it comes in dream.
From there you go mad about it,
You fire the soul, or ready to apart for it,
So what’s it, which mesmerize all beings lying here,
But the craze is that, every one die for different craze here,
For a beauty, but what is beauty?
It is when you sigh and bliss together in affinity.
Might be a soul for me, or might be a face for you,
Might be the above picture for him, might. be the stars for her to sew.
Might be throne for them, might be a simple job for those,
But beauty is surely that which covers the flaws!!


This is how we are, this is how we live,

Even randomness cheers the naive, and even tear the hive.

We wander to see the miracles which happened outside us,

As we shove the wounds and rattle the fuss!

Scenic !

Baltic Sea

It’s always not necessary to wait for the perfect scenery,

Sometimes every shade of life belongs to purest ivory,

You just need to understand, to live all the moments you have,

Cause you are just a bare away from the sunshine, you wish to have!

Life is a Cruise


When you think it is just a trip,

Surely you had no idea what can be the flavour of the sip,

You just knew, you might be alone,

You just imagined you can be in a good tone,

Yes, the trip was as alluring as the ship seems to you,

Yes, it created a vista in just a single view!

White is near…

Snow is like egress of rain,

Drooling like feather and dancing in sane,

Just cover up the darkness of around,

Sparkles the white and hops like magical sound!

After every light, need a light

Simply beautiful, what comes in my mind,

Simply with aura, changes my mind,

Somethings just seize your thoughts,

There is still some scenery, in the world of plots!

Every light has its own Color

I don’t want to dramatize every saying,

I don’t want to color the raging,

I don’t want to overlook the light in us,

But definitely I want to freeze the fight among us!

My Guest

Some come and go,

Some come and stay forever,

Some just come and row,

Some stand and apart never!

Where I rove…

I just wish to move aimlessly,

In the world of noise, to deal vernally,

I do gather some shots,

Just to witness the tour and its froth,

Froth, which just vanish a step ahead,

Reaving my soul in pain and red,

I just have these memories to recall,

Shredding all time, but still counting spring and fall!

Just too close…

I too stand near the brink,

Not just to witness the rise and sink,

I too stand close at dawn,

Not just to sigh and moan,

I too stand near the depth,

Too just verge out the wrath.

Might these lights are really far……

Central Stockholm

In lieu of commotion, in lieu of creations,

At a stage of doings, just fighting from inside admirations.

I knew, I am not made for this,

But still knocking a while, waiting for the fall of fizz.

‘Why’, this always comes from inside,

Matter of choice or a matter of destiny to abide.

It’s very easy to know, what you want to do,

Cause what you do in the me time, is what you want to do,

I aspire, I crave, for a wishful life,

But I know my limitations, like a sharp less knife,

I feel the numbness, I understand my dumbness,

I strive for pinnacle, but always restricted to less.

I look around and find people always better than me,

I am like a bird whose cage is open but don’t want to see.

I want to fly, to make a life of admirations,

I fail to manage and might die always seeing the other inspirations!

Home at the Top

From my Window, Stockholm

Daily I witness a home of one,

All day, the bird nests at the top of helm,

But I feel bad for one,

As the leaves are falling in a run,

The autumn is going through like a shun,

The winter is coming but taking the home of one,

With in time, I will be unable to see the home of one!

As all colors are going to be white without sun,

I just wish, she manages to nest at the top of helm,

She finds another city and any other elm.

Just after Rain

Odenplan, Stockholm

Sometimes the moments are left after the event,

Sometimes the fragrance is eternal after the scent,

Sometimes you don’t have a frame but you have the entire picture,

Sometimes you are leaving all but loving the miniature!

Be Open to take all

It is not just about light,

It is the picture of you in sight,

It does not just display the hunger of you,

It shows the openness of you,

Mark the light but even grace your shadow,

Move ahead but always embrace to bow.


The Fleet, Scania, Södertälje

Want it run, want it to drive,

The technology has become niche to hive,

The experience sometimes says all,

A fun to be on road, great to drive all.

Happy Dusshera !!


The atrocities are burnt by the purity,

The egos are beheaded by the serenity,

The heads of demon are on the knees of lord,

Celebrate the festival of burning the devil by the god.

Another evening in Stockholm

Stockholm, Sweden

Sometimes you don’t awe the time,

Sometimes you don’t realise the shine,

Sometimes you miss the evening in all time,

But later you realise it was not another time.

Colors of Autumn

Lappis, Sweden

Some colors define my life,

Some seasons define my life,

Some parting leaves are just part of my life,

But the wood is like the phrase of my life,

Let me set

Goa, India

Let me set to all lights,

Let me live at all sights,

Let me head to new fun,

Let me lead the new run,

Let the new water, take away my dilemma,

Let the dying sun, bring new prima.

Tall in middle

Sometimes you stand aloof holding all the strings,

Sometimes you stand in middle to roll the rings,

Sometimes you stand tall to lead from front,

Sometimes you are used as a shunt,

But when you fall,

The world walk over the tall.

Right through woods

Once impeccable, then hails the odyssey,

Once down to roots, hails the legacy,

Once the greenery is spread, hails the beauty,

Once it survives, it becomes a necessity.

Both soothes me

Amanuensvagen, Stockholm

They just soothes the rive of my mind,

As they hold the power to beat the music for my mind,

A Road to remember

KTH, Stockholm

It’s a start for me,

Just to travel and a lot to see,

It’s a start for me,

To wind the road, and all set to go free.

Between the swings

Stockholm, Sweden

Some lights attracts my soul,

Some swings removes the haul,

Some water make me cherish,

Some heights, is what I wish.


Let me wish, to witness you,

Let me adore, the beautiful you,

Let me see the colors of you,

Let me fly just like you.

Something to Cherish

A lot lies in colors,

Just like it owns a life in flowers,

A lot lies in nature,

Ironically just like a lot lies in creature.

Still everything is scenic in it’s own sense,

Just like you photograph, to show your sense.


Relying on ice, can melt the trust,

As it rides on hot, it can be the tryst.

Wax bows for every change which surpass,

The human satire and attire is like brass.

Yellow in Green

It’s like another purity in the shades,

It’s like the ray of hope in shrinking fates.

It’s like the new star of eyes,

It’s like the sweet, smart and wise.

Just walk in

Either a charisma, either the elegance.

Beauty signifies the craze of nuance.

Sagacity is beckoned by the serenity of persona,

Like the sheen of eyes or the remedy like soma.

Alone in night

Pune, India

In the dusk after the noon,

Sparkling the swish across the moon.

Neither the black but still nor the white,

Mesmerized by honcho, as all aficionados the light.

Perfect Green

Jaipur, India

Moon sparkles the admiring sheen,

Beautiful the nature simply endeavor to lean.

Narrow green but admire the boulevard,

Love the nature to remain unheard.


Stockholm, Sweden

Rejuvenated from the cradle to end,

Past time beckoned the sizzle to bend.

Lived the time, lived in echo,

Bowed to lead and lead to bow.

Let me put it straight

Blackeberg, Stockholm

Let the light ignite my life,

Let the sheen be more rife,

Let my boat, be on the bank,

Let me set above the rank.

Open your wings

To spread your charm and wisdom,

Have to come and open your wings of wisdom.

Need to toggle the ground,

To spread like the speed of light and sound.

Then the sky is all yours,

Just open the wings and see the cures.

Eyes of the stars

Ramsagar Trek

In awe of the dancing star,

In charisma of waving in shower,

In the zeal of her spirituality,

Always heading her sagacity .


Pune, India

Some colors are the spring of life,

Some beauties are the need of life,

Some sheen are the creed of life,

and some blossoms are the way of life.


It was with you when i felt the love,

It was with you when i felt the dove,

It was with you when I felt like star,

It was with you, to feel the sweet and sour,

It was you who came as a fairy,

But it is you makes me merry.

I wish you remain my side,

I fulfill your dreams and you become my bride.

Wishing to walk through the lane

Ramsagar Trek, India

Barista enhances the class of bean,

The destiny to make ahead, wishing from teen.

Stalwart is just the phase of pallbearer,

Lancing to kiss as a bearer.


Being under the bower does not back my charisma,

Neither on ladder as I enrolled myself in enigma.

Behind the bars or under the shadow,

Still I desire the missing rainbow.


Gokarna, India

Never stood for the stand which was to excel,

Along aloof on side in order to sell.

Creeping on shoulders for the path I need,

Simply begging for spur for which I bleed.

Laughing as never I stood, ever I stand.

In the midst of snow, I verge as sand.

Waves and Shades

Goa, India

Let the thrill embark on you,

Let the courage be the face of you,

Let the thunder be silent for you,

Let your sail on top of every view.


Gujarat, India

Hope is what I kept inside the shell,

I at the zenith nor I am made to sell.

Time passing along the traveler,

I hope someone’s wait along this traveler.

A Lot can happen on table

It was sure in my mind,

It was across and lined,

It was about my feel for you,

It was about my thoughts and view,

But it was much more about my loneliness and care,

Just like the sunset and empty chair.

Dreaming yet standing Tall

Albert Hall, Jaipur, India

The illusion or dream of adolescence,
Destined to zenith or in verge of penance.
The smile, the laugh, the voyage to dream,
From a struggler to the meticulous beam.
A craze which incorporated to be the one,
The Sparks of echelon is like the son of sun.

Cuteness Overloaded

A bit and bite is all I want,

To rise, fall and grant,

Need a space to nest my living,

Crave for love and serving.

Iron Man

Statue of Unity, Gujarat, India

Kowtow the man who leads from front,
From the germination to the eclipse frond.
Riding on beacon like the king of palace,
The leader of atrocious leading race.
Hails from bottom to the crown,
Lifting on the bridge which follows up & down.
Belling like the phoenix wing,
Moving between the swish of swing.
Ramping the lid to spark the fire,
Encroaching the naive love from the ire.
Pacing the beats to lead the wave, hard from core but smile like suave.
Nationalist or the biased nationalist does the favor,
But surely awarded by the mix of flavor.
Finally, the pace of sword,
From the stall to the heartiest lord.


Gokarna, Karnataka, India

Either a charisma, either the elegance.
Beauty signifies the craze of nuance.
Sagacity is beckoned by the serenity of persona,
Like the sheen of eyes or the remedy like soma.
It’s the pleasure to define the beauty,
Shaping by words reduces the class of ditty.

Fall and Spread

Pariah the rest as enigmatic the accord,

We rely on naïve, as it’s not the sobriquet of a single cord.

Who doesn’t adore the success?

But it dims with melting wax.

The falling water teaches to change,

As well soothes and amaze.