All settled in different tones, all colored in different souls,

Yet all have their charisma, even perfect with their flaws,

Just like rise, where we move ahead from the last shades,

Yet those shades, have their own mates,

Just like the colors of rise, which can be brighter than before,

Yet might have less illustration than before!

Belgian Royal Museum

Arts have it owns magic and illusion,

It mesmerizes the soul and the vision,

It holds you with it and stops your mind,

As you go deep to understand how the artist thought and kept his mind,

The imaginations, the creations and the glory on the canvas,

Right from the tussle of 15th century to today’s mess,

From the issues of back then society to the people’s wise,

All are portrayed in this paradise,

Paintings speaking about the sufferings,

The colors in it bringing out the shimmering,

The magnum opus, the atelier, or the Midas touch,

All through brush from the corners of Belgium and Dutch!


Some travel at this age creates lots of memories,

Some iconic places have bundle of sceneries,

Some experiences currently are for the lifetime,

Some moments are exciting like when you wait for a chime,

Sometimes you explore the place,

Sometimes you explore yourself at the place,

Some travel creates endless stories,

Which are required to be penned in diaries,

Just like experience of beautiful crowd on the sassy streets,

Or witness the EU parliament like sheer streaks,

Right through the canals of Amsterdam,

Riding along the sassy streets on tram,

Around the Grote Market of the European capital,

Just beautiful like illusion or rare whimsical,

The impulse of the view from the Mont des art,

To the fusion of modernity and sagacity at every part!


Life witnesses many corners, life stills at many corners,

Life gets illuminate at some corners, life thrills at some corners,

Life sees many faces at varying corners,

Yet life goes green while running through corners!


More than photogenic, more than scion of nature,

More than full of life, more than amazing creature,

More than dancing soul, more than sassy,

High in character and more than classy!

Final Station

Life is like a train, it goes from light to dark then to light,

It faces the drag forces yet reaches to final site,

In between there is a hell of journey,

Of pride, of sacrifice, of patience and anxiety,

In between you loose, you win, you face,

While chirping you make memories in a race,

Some beautiful, some thoughtful, some painful,

But in that you have the hell of empty and full!

Still life never stops before the final break (brake),

As you live for yourself or a sake!

Rhine and Chime

The river vesting across the city,

The bridge flowering the love around the city,

The locks holding the love of everyone,

Locking the beats and chiming the sun,

Veiling in dawn, whistling around the dusk,

Setting a tone of love and fragrance of rose and musk!

City Tour

Aachen, Germany

Cities have their aura and the fragrance,

It just requires the exploration out of the fence,

Tour adds the experience and memorable delight,

Travel heals the soul and the plight,

Just need to make up your mind,

Pack the bags and witness the new tides..

In 20’s, where you travel and

Where you have lot to think and share,

Where you have lot to gaze and stare,

Where you have lot to do and still remain unaware,

Where you have to be rugged and tear,

Where you have lot to swear,

Where you decide your life and it’s affair,

Where you just can just go with the flow,

Where you can simply stand or bow,

Where you easily cry and still stand tall,

Where you can easily smile during fall,

Where you have come a far,

Where your mind is always in middle of war,

Where the whole world is a sense for you,

Where even the breathe is a scar for you,

Where the shallowness is new for you,

Where the love is truth for you,

Where you have a sense even to make nonsense,

Where you have freedom inside the fence,

Where you have time to carve the inner you,

Where you a state to take the wrong angles of even a correct view !

Town Hall…

Aachen, Germany

The hall standing like the surreal echelon,

The crown shimmering like the abstruse neon,

Accolade as the hall of the town,

In it’s history, cache the king and crown,

Now it’s much more about the sagacity of the city,

The pearls of crown, sheen the varsity!

Following the Light!

Randomness also has a lot to offer,

But it demands the actions unlike the confer,

Simply following can lead to anywhere,

Hence a road is required to come out the mere,

Let the brightness provides a path for you,

Unlike, that sparkle can bring the haziness for you,

Be selective, be decisive and have the audacity,

As the random light with a path can lead to sagacity!

Train to Catch on…

Sometimes I think, where am I leading to,

Had some dreams for me, am I leading to,

Standing in the middle of twenties, standing in middle of path,

A train to catch on, from the bower of wrath,

An easy path to go on, outside the wish,

Or to take a turn against the swish,

Unable to understand, unable to lead,

Moving towards right but against the creed,

It’s tough to follow but sometimes tougher to take the call,

As I witness the fog in fall,

Quite unclear, quite surreal, Quite a love,

I dream more against the current verve!

Modern Scenery!

Imaginations have evolved from woods to road,

Expectations have been raised from narrow to broad,

Ambitions have been crafted from horses to horsepower,

Shadow is not only sleeked from bower,

But yes, that clock is always ticking through day and night,

Either you wear the past or future’s knight.


When you are born to explore,

When the throttle is the medium to roar,

When you see the mud as the pride for you,

When you have the craze and guts to explore the new,

Then don’t think too much,

Just fill up the tank and leave the fuss!


The dream of my childhood, the passion for life,

The craze for en routing should be always rife,

For some it’s a machine, but for me it’s an emotion,

I am humble in neutral, and poise in every notion.

I explore myself, I explore new routes,

I try to hum while waging new suites!

Spark in Life!

Royal Palace, Stockholm

I do think the role of spark in life,

The sheen of that glare, or the roar in that rife,

I do think, how things changes your mood of life,

As even beats or the chorus of crackers add spark in life,

That illumination, those colors, this ambiance,

Does this life, vows around the spark of that life!!?

Charm of White!

Let these white, bring the suaveness for me,

I simply awe the scenery and its spree,

Even a long travel is a short to find these realm,

It’s the time to explore and cruise in helm.

So many Colors

These colors own my smile,

These views harkens the soul of mine,

Where I can laugh, where I can share my breath,

Where I can sit alone and calm my wrath,

When Life is Dark!

Where am I, lost in thoughts,

Just lost in myself, like the frozen rots,

A dying soul, with the excuses for lying down,

Started to hill, but lasting to drown,

Why am I faint, in front of odd colours?

Why I sweep like dark, in the throne of shovers.

Why can’t I push myself to the rank,

Why am I giving before the bank.

In middle of lot, so freezes all, in my sleep,

Hanging in my own expectations but unable to keep.

Still the wings are there to make my fly,

But I am done and just want to sigh!


Ever burning has lighten the enigma,

Ever flames have erased the stigma,

Ever this light has enlighten the mind,

Better you water, before flames persuade like wind.


We never run out in the search of beauty,
As wherever we lie, we want to wreath the serenity.
Whatever you try, what you don’t do to seem,
If it doesn’t come in real, it comes in dream.
From there you go mad about it,
You fire the soul, or ready to apart for it,
So what’s it, which mesmerize all beings lying here,
But the craze is that, every one die for different craze here,
For a beauty, but what is beauty?
It is when you sigh and bliss together in affinity.
Might be a soul for me, or might be a face for you,
Might be the above picture for him, might. be the stars for her to sew.
Might be throne for them, might be a simple job for those,
But beauty is surely that which covers the flaws!!


This is how we are, this is how we live,

Even randomness cheers the naive, and even tear the hive.

We wander to see the miracles which happened outside us,

As we shove the wounds and rattle the fuss!

Scenic !

Baltic Sea

It’s always not necessary to wait for the perfect scenery,

Sometimes every shade of life belongs to purest ivory,

You just need to understand, to live all the moments you have,

Cause you are just a bare away from the sunshine, you wish to have!

Life is a Cruise


When you think it is just a trip,

Surely you had no idea what can be the flavour of the sip,

You just knew, you might be alone,

You just imagined you can be in a good tone,

Yes, the trip was as alluring as the ship seems to you,

Yes, it created a vista in just a single view!

After every light, need a light

Simply beautiful, what comes in my mind,

Simply with aura, changes my mind,

Somethings just seize your thoughts,

There is still some scenery, in the world of plots!

Where I rove…

I just wish to move aimlessly,

In the world of noise, to deal vernally,

I do gather some shots,

Just to witness the tour and its froth,

Froth, which just vanish a step ahead,

Reaving my soul in pain and red,

I just have these memories to recall,

Shredding all time, but still counting spring and fall!

Just too close…

I too stand near the brink,

Not just to witness the rise and sink,

I too stand close at dawn,

Not just to sigh and moan,

I too stand near the depth,

Too just verge out the wrath.

Another evening in Stockholm

Stockholm, Sweden

Sometimes you don’t awe the time,

Sometimes you don’t realise the shine,

Sometimes you miss the evening in all time,

But later you realise it was not another time.

Let me set

Goa, India

Let me set to all lights,

Let me live at all sights,

Let me head to new fun,

Let me lead the new run,

Let the new water, take away my dilemma,

Let the dying sun, bring new prima.

Between the swings

Stockholm, Sweden

Some lights attracts my soul,

Some swings removes the haul,

Some water make me cherish,

Some heights, is what I wish.


Gujarat, India

Hope is what I kept inside the shell,

I at the zenith nor I am made to sell.

Time passing along the traveler,

I hope someone’s wait along this traveler.

A Lot can happen on table

It was sure in my mind,

It was across and lined,

It was about my feel for you,

It was about my thoughts and view,

But it was much more about my loneliness and care,

Just like the sunset and empty chair.

Just Cruise in life

Ship, India

Gregarious can find the veins under the veil,
But alone it is really hard to reveal.
Referring about the odd or the differences,
Be calm and reveal the senses.

A Journey to Light


The phase or the phrase lightning towards dark,
The pulse or the veins, cloche like bark.
The time we are through, the clock we are following,
The persona we own is that we must keep believing.


Pune, India

Neither I think to love nor to admire,
It’s my soul which will never mire.
The friendship, the mate, the group to laud,
True amicability provides the warmth of God.

Royal Fireworks


Let the spark be explored,

Let the light be flowed,

Let the charm be showed,

Let the colors be rain bowed.

All in Sync

KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden

All in ears, all in emotions,

All in sync, all in notion,

All in rhythm, all in harmony,

All in valor and soothing shiny.

All I Need

Goa, India

A chance to live life in a best way,

A chance to breathe in a best way,

A chance to laugh in a best way,

A chance to cherish in a best way,

A chance to create memoirs in a best way,

Just go on a trip with your best, is a best way.


GeorgeTown, Malaysia

Let it bridge the gap, Let it find the way,

Let it see the light, let it mark the ray,

Let it find a new a road to travel,

But don’t wait for a ravel.

Sometimes beauty lies in fall

Goa, India

Sometimes fall are the start of new,

Sometimes fall have a different view,

Sometimes fall is the shade of all zeal,

As it act like a jubilant heal.

From mirror to canvas

Jaipur, India

A trip is not just a travel,

It’s a cruise of exploration and marvel,

Like stages are not just for show,

It’s for the showman for whom people bow.

Drottningholm Palace

Royal Palace, Stockholm, Sweden

Royal is more than the expression of aura,

In the veil of history and it’s persona,

The class among all the residencies,

A marvel full of fancies.

The twin is aside

Twin Towers, KL, Malaysia

Either I was born together,

Either I looked like you forever,

Either I was named with you,

But it too had a different view.

Just from sky

KL, Malaysia

A shoot to perceive, A shot to look,

All from welkin, all across the brook,

The cities are the nest of human living,

All are big to fight, small to sing,

But it was ease to click that one,

As I was 10k feet above from the drama of everyone.

Blue Water

Phuket, Thailand

Urge into the matter which sleeve,

Wish the nature which creed to feel.

The blueness all around,

Just like healing my wound.

Puss in Boots Giant Journey

Universal Studios Singapore

The journey is the éclat of your passion,

Like anxiety to witness the eclectic creation

Even sparkles has haziness

Butterworth, Malaysia

Sometimes just climbing the success,

Is just like solidifying the wax,

All will see the glorifying sparkle,

But you will be alone seeing the haziness.

Sky Bridge

Langkawi, Malaysia

All set to cross the sky,

On the cable to travel and fly,

In the midst on admiring scenery,

Enjoy the weather along with savory.

All in train, All at hill

Penang Hill, Malaysia

The top of city, the crest of hill,

5 kms to climb, on your will,

Or a train to catch, to see the beauty,

Just chill and enjoy the creativity.

All in Glamour

If days are bright than nights are glamorous,

If days have shine, then stars makes the night fabulous,

The city is all set on fire, by the svelte it own,

It has it’s own bass, pitch and tone.