Lappis Beach, Stockholm, Sweden

In the loud world, sometimes mirror speaks the most,

It reflects sometimes hazy yet true to the host,

Behind the shimmer, behind the glare,

You are subtle and aware!

Some Shades of Moon!

Neither I nor the mirror reflects as naive like the moon,

Quite far but still gaze like a boon,

Attractive to some, symbol of love for some,

A mirror to beauty and might be a crush of sun ,

Some shades, some reflections and some light,

It has the aura to surpass the bright!

Just after Rain

Odenplan, Stockholm

Sometimes the moments are left after the event,

Sometimes the fragrance is eternal after the scent,

Sometimes you don’t have a frame but you have the entire picture,

Sometimes you are leaving all but loving the miniature!

Royal Fireworks


Let the spark be explored,

Let the light be flowed,

Let the charm be showed,

Let the colors be rain bowed.

All in Sync

KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden

All in ears, all in emotions,

All in sync, all in notion,

All in rhythm, all in harmony,

All in valor and soothing shiny.

All in Glamour

If days are bright than nights are glamorous,

If days have shine, then stars makes the night fabulous,

The city is all set on fire, by the svelte it own,

It has it’s own bass, pitch and tone.