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A Solo Bike Trip: Delhi to Kanyakumari

Why is there a new hymn about the journey and not the destination? What does it take to be a traveler? What does it take to travel six thousand km on a bike? These are the few questions apart from managing funds, putting a month’s leave from office at stake, convincing your parents, and believing in yourself to accomplish a dream. So in between all this fuss, it was my time to travel from Delhi to Kanyakumari, my dream trip. With two days of planning for surviving twenty days on the bike from only here to there. With a beautiful start from the Arawalis of Rajasthan, sunset at Daman, kissing the Dudhsagar Waterfalls, riding from the Deccans, through the streets of Kerala, arriving at the Southernmost tip of India, Kanyakumari; A destination of not dreams but a journey above the dreams. Yes, it looks haphazard because the trip was too unplanned, but filled with adrenaline, with always decreasing fuel level and my pocket, but the enthusiasm was always there. It was all about the roads, my riding capacity, and my excitement to get the answers to so many questions. Now let’s not dig to the answers but the journey of finding these answers!!

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Sometime colors are vibrant, sometime the place, Sometime life is vibrant, sometime just a phase, Sometime the holidays are vibrant, sometime a break, Sometime the boulevard is vibrant, sometime a view from it’s rake.

These colors own my smile, These views harkens the soul of mine, Where I can laugh, where I can share my breath, Where I can sit alone and calm my wrath,

Pariah the rest as enigmatic the accord, We rely on naïve, as it’s not the sobriquet of a single cord. Who doesn’t adore the success? But it dims with melting wax. The falling water teaches to change, As well soothes and amaze.

India The day says I lost to night, Heart says I fly like kite. Enjoy every day as last day, Hope the new, trails the way.

India Quotes encourage the cowards to rise, It’s only you who can make you rise,

Beauty is alike helm of singing bird, Much more like before a shard, Creed for dancing water beside, Let there be fun and people aside.

Sometimes a capture has everything instead the soul, They are capable to run but allowed to crawl, In the midst of all beauty aside, Let’s open the heart and think much wide.

The beauty lies in hill, The success lies in will, The zenith is all I admire, Just want to bear the brisk fire.