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KTH, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden This time the college life is much different, There is not much in and around, There is fika, there are other vibrant, But there is not much in and around, The place is above the dreams, More than beautiful it seems, The sheen and elegance of Stockholm, The art in every stone, Yet there is not much in and around, Might be the mind is not much around !

Sometimes you are much more passionate yet realistic,Sometimes you have energy, yet artistic,Sometimes this is your profession, yet you are fascinated,Sometimes you have all physics laws yet remains uncalculated,Sometimes it demands efforts out of your brains processing,Yet you like the craft as you cuddle it from raw to manufacturing !!

Being under the bower does not back my charisma, Neither on ladder as I enrolled myself in enigma. Behind the bars or under the shadow, Still I desire the missing rainbow.

Buddh International Formula One Circuit, India Someday everyone has to compete, But it counts the pain, to get the feat, It’s all behind the curtains, As every sweat counts to get into main frames. It’s red, it’s hot, it’s svelte, it’s ahead, On the track, it surely does behead.

Newness holds the bark side, Newness holds the rawness, Just like a phase of life, needs to be flawless, Every sweat, every tear, every rush of blood, Pillar holds the walls, even at the flood, Just like a dream for some, just like a home for one, Newness holds the pulse of everyone!