About Vehicle Engineering..

Whatever it is, it is classy in a different tone,

When you create, it roars and shone,

Quite tough, seriously breath taking but surely amazing,

Yes in it’s own tone, commendably hot still freezing,

Quite a passion, quite a serious bluff,

With a lot of learning and a practical stuff!


Being under the bower does not back my charisma,

Neither on ladder as I enrolled myself in enigma.

Behind the bars or under the shadow,

Still I desire the missing rainbow.

On track

Buddh International Formula One Circuit, India

Someday everyone has to compete,

But it counts the pain, to get the feat,

It’s all behind the curtains,

As every sweat counts to get into main frames.

It’s red, it’s hot, it’s svelte, it’s ahead,

On the track, it surely does behead.

When burning is pleasant

The craze for drive, the flare for accords,

The feel of burning, and the thrash of swords,

The raise of hand, the crowd on back,

The star is born even in shack.

To lift the build, to pillar the walls

Newness holds the bark side, Newness holds the rawness,

Just like a phase of life, needs to be flawless,

Every sweat, every tear, every rush of blood,

Pillar holds the walls, even at the flood,

Just like a dream for some, just like a home for one,

Newness holds the pulse of everyone!