Clouds are near…

Some instances pictures differently,

Some memories affects seldomly,

Some thoughts affects deeply,

Some moments you react strangely,

Sometime you love ineffectively,

But some day you must try to live happily.

Swedish Summer…

I never imagined that I will be in love with summer,

The smiling faces just like the bright sun of summer,

The beautiful bright day to sassy evening,

The holiday time, with friends and cheering,

The excitement is in the air right now,

I can feel the zest of life now,

In Need of Glare…

Lappis Beach, Stockholm

Why I wish for the people around me,

Why I wish for the light to enlighten me,

Why I need the glare to sparkle my soul,

Why I need hands after my fall,

Why I think about the future,

Why I feel the pain of nurture,

Why I just wish for the time to run,

Why I don’t cross the clouds and fetch the sun,

Why I am in love with night,

Why I am looking always away from the sight,

Why I am not in a state right now,

Why I try to run from myself now,

Might be, I know the reasons of my thoughts,

Might be, I am afraid to accept the noughts.


Unlike the fall, when you wait for the rise,

When you sit beside, to wait for the sunrise,

Around the beach, around the friends, around some music,

You wait to feel the calmness and hymn for the sync,

When you just think too deep, too sharp to feel that glory,

At times, when you wait for a shine in your story,

When you wait, watch and feel the breeze,

While around the bonfire but still in a state of freeze,

Still you awe the beauty around you,

Cause at times you love the serenity around you!!

Just too close…

I too stand near the brink,

Not just to witness the rise and sink,

I too stand close at dawn,

Not just to sigh and moan,

I too stand near the depth,

Too just verge out the wrath.

Let me set

Goa, India

Let me set to all lights,

Let me live at all sights,

Let me head to new fun,

Let me lead the new run,

Let the new water, take away my dilemma,

Let the dying sun, bring new prima.


Stockholm, Sweden

Rejuvenated from the cradle to end,

Past time beckoned the sizzle to bend.

Lived the time, lived in echo,

Bowed to lead and lead to bow.

Let me put it straight

Blackeberg, Stockholm

Let the light ignite my life,

Let the sheen be more rife,

Let my boat, be on the bank,

Let me set above the rank.


Gokarna, India

Never stood for the stand which was to excel,

Along aloof on side in order to sell.

Creeping on shoulders for the path I need,

Simply begging for spur for which I bleed.

Laughing as never I stood, ever I stand.

In the midst of snow, I verge as sand.

Waves and Shades

Goa, India

Let the thrill embark on you,

Let the courage be the face of you,

Let the thunder be silent for you,

Let your sail on top of every view.

Go Goa

Goa, India

Beaches are just like human beings,

Always have two views of seeings,

One from left, one from right,

But it is much more from center sight.

Sometimes beauty lies in fall

Goa, India

Sometimes fall are the start of new,

Sometimes fall have a different view,

Sometimes fall is the shade of all zeal,

As it act like a jubilant heal.

Life is a beach

Goa, India

Under the trail of sun,

Beside the craze of one,

Holding just hand in hand,

Under the veil of sand,

Just lying all around the shore,

I just can’t ask for more.