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I too stand near the brink, Not just to witness the rise and sink, I too stand close at dawn, Not just to sigh and moan, I too stand near the depth, Too just verge out the wrath.

It is not just about light, It is the picture of you in sight, It does not just display the hunger of you, It shows the openness of you, Mark the light but even grace your shadow, Move ahead but always embrace to bow.

Goa, India Let me set to all lights, Let me live at all sights, Let me head to new fun, Let me lead the new run, Let the new water, take away my dilemma, Let the dying sun, bring new prima.

Sometimes you stand aloof holding all the strings, Sometimes you stand in middle to roll the rings, Sometimes you stand tall to lead from front, Sometimes you are used as a shunt, But when you fall, The world walk over the tall.

Let me wish, to witness you, Let me adore, the beautiful you, Let me see the colors of you, Let me fly just like you.

A lot lies in colors, Just like it owns a life in flowers, A lot lies in nature, Ironically just like a lot lies in creature. Still everything is scenic in it’s own sense, Just like you photograph, to show your sense.

Relying on ice, can melt the trust, As it rides on hot, it can be the tryst. Wax bows for every change which surpass, The human satire and attire is like brass.

It’s like another purity in the shades, It’s like the ray of hope in shrinking fates. It’s like the new star of eyes, It’s like the sweet, smart and wise.

Either a charisma, either the elegance. Beauty signifies the craze of nuance. Sagacity is beckoned by the serenity of persona, Like the sheen of eyes or the remedy like soma.

Pune, India In the dusk after the noon, Sparkling the swish across the moon. Neither the black but still nor the white, Mesmerized by honcho, as all aficionados the light.