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The entire area only for the students, this is Lappis for you, Around the Baltic backwaters and amazing forest view, Known for the student parties, known for the happening life, Around the Stockholm center, with an evergreen eternal beautiful vibe!

A time comes where the hands stop writing,But still, you need to put your words for binding!

Now coffee is a medium than a beverage, For small talks, to sound like sage, To discuss the life stories, or to keep the heart out, To keep alive, during the sleepy bout!

KTH, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden This time the college life is much different, There is not much in and around, There is fika, there are other vibrant, But there is not much in and around, The place is above the dreams, More than beautiful it seems, The sheen and elegance of Stockholm, The art in every stone, Yet there is not much in and around, Might be the mind is not much around !

Sometimes you are much more passionate yet realistic,Sometimes you have energy, yet artistic,Sometimes this is your profession, yet you are fascinated,Sometimes you have all physics laws yet remains uncalculated,Sometimes it demands efforts out of your brains processing,Yet you like the craft as you cuddle it from raw to manufacturing !!

In the loud world, sometimes mirror speaks the most, It reflects sometimes hazy yet true to the host, Behind the shimmer, behind the glare, You are subtle and aware!

All settled in different tones, all colored in different souls, Yet all have their charisma, even perfect with their flaws, Just like rise, where we move ahead from the last shades, Yet those shades, have their own mates, Just like the colors of rise, which can be brighter than before, Yet might have less illustration than before!

Why a place allures beautiful vibe, Why such streets and that lights hold my mind Why just standing on the road pushes me to click, Why I stand still in between haste and flick, Why there are so many vibes to feel and see, When there is nothing between you and me

Arts have it owns magic and illusion, It mesmerizes the soul and the vision, It holds you with it and stops your mind, As you go deep to understand how the artist thought and kept his mind, The imaginations, the creations and the glory on the canvas, Right from the tussle of 15th century to today’s mess, From the issues of back then society to the people’s wise, All are portrayed in this paradise, Paintings speaking about the sufferings, The colors in it bringing out the shimmering, The magnum opus, the atelier, or the Midas touch, All through brush from the corners of Belgium and Dutch!

Some travel at this age creates lots of memories, Some iconic places have bundle of sceneries, Some experiences currently are for the lifetime, Some moments are exciting like when you wait for a chime, Sometimes you explore the place, Sometimes you explore yourself at the place, Some travel creates endless stories, Which are required to be penned in diaries, Just like experience of beautiful crowd on the sassy streets, Or witness the EU parliament like sheer streaks, Right through the canals of Amsterdam, Riding along the sassy streets on tram, Around the Grote Market of the European capital, Just beautiful like illusion or rare whimsical, The impulse of the view from the Mont des art, To the fusion of modernity and sagacity at every part!