Who we are…

“More with photos, ahead with poems”

Photo’s fire with words similarly the traveler encompasses the journey by the foot marks or the shoots. The pictures are not just about the truth of the saga but the realm of wishes, ambitions, creed and ecstasy. The blog is the reality of that accomplishments by such travelers, people and their stories. The Fototextist is a compendium of photos and literature, where both will fuel each other.

The Contributors

Diwanshu Wadhwani, a photographer, mountaineer, explorer and an automobile engineer. My passion is to explore the newness in every beauty and the beauty lies in every feather. I love to travel and click the admiration coming on my way and coalescent like memoirs. As life is amalgamation of journeys and much ahead of a destination, every day indite stories and sometime that stories make your life. The virtue is to keep memories alive and Fototextist is a platform where photos have speeches.

Aditya Pratap Singh, a person who loves to write and an automobile engineer. The thrive to explore the newness till the welkin, leads me to phrase the photos with words. As beauty sly with imagination, I solemnly wants to word every picture. Things are same in world, just like all colors are reflection of light, but still they all are disparate. Similarly, ever memoir is special, and photos keep that awesomeness alive. Fototextist bolsters my imagination and give one address.

Prashant Sharma, a nerd, foodie, traveler and an automobile engineer. I have captured that the reflection of light is always better with collection of words during my exploration. The traveling embellish my soul and it’s experience cherishes my life. Connecting is a way for me, to live life and my explorations leads me for many collections. The randomness or truth of my captured expressions, keeps my collection alive. Fototextist is such a way to keep my heart out and share the best of my experiences.