Skansen Kronan, Gothenburg, Sweden

When you can say that you made it,

When there has been a journey to frame it,

But it will be always that have you made it ?

Because there can never be a point to stop it,

The passion in you and the driving force behind it,

Cause being human there will be always flow of throughts around it,

But sure there can be a point where you can say you made it,

There will be lot of stories,

Lot of failures and ironies,

Among that will be some humour and some cry,

But behind that there will be satisfaction and some sigh,

Surely, the journey has the charm,

And success might not be so cozy and warm,

As chasing that might leave some behind,

As that way was one way and no rewind,

So, is it worth for, leaving somethings behind, for something which is not yours,

Give a try because things which are yours will be yours,

But do not take things granted as it seem,

Cause there will be days of no sheen,

Then everything will come as flashback,

Where you might have the fame but not the wisdom on your back,

Then that day again you might redefine success and its glory,

As matter of satisfaction, desire, love, lust or irony!!

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