For The Record !!

Why did you fall from the helm,
When you knew how to be at the helm,
You have dreamt and made your life just for it,
Then why do you just fall from it,
When you had that charisma,
Then why you were unable to solve the enigma,
The riddle of falling, not holding yourself,
Was your charisma not enough for now,
Did you forget the conviction somehow,
Is there a lack of competence,
Or was it just your indulgence,
Maybe, you might have found a different helm,
Might be you are tired of being at the helm,
Maybe you want to do something else in your life,
Which does not challenge you,
Just soothes out the best of newer you,
Or you are at the break, to plan something new,
And we see you have a different view,
But surely you have taught a lot of people how to be at the helm,
Your journey of pride, family and whelm !!

An amazing book written by the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, David Cameron. Throughout the book, I was curious that why the referendum led him to resign and why he did not try to retain his earned position. He was full of Charisma, Competence, and Conviction throughout his political journey. The last chapter in the book truly summed up how you can feel when you build something and want to build for the whole world but sometimes the time has come up where you cannot hold the circumstances!!

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