You are still in my thoughts!!

You are still in my thoughts, 

As lot of things were there to be said and heard,

Our stories were unfinished and there to be crafted,

I wanted to know you more, your side before we parted

As there were some strings between us,

Where you and I could have come above the fuss, 

It is not about how we ended between us,

It is more about why we ended between us,

Cause I wanted to take everything slow, 

Where we get time to believe and know,

About each other, not just about our likes, 

But more about how we can untangle our dislikes, 

And I realise, that there was more of me than you, 

But there was the next chapter which was all about you, 

I am not hurt, but disappointed as now there is nothing next, 

May be, may be not this is what can be the best,

To part, before we have indulged more, 

Cause now, we are across the shore, 

I regret, that why I confused you,

But sorry, I am really confused too,

I have thought something from my teenage,

I have that in my mind which makes me foolish and sage,

But now, after you have left,

I am bit shaken and unrest,

About my dreams, about my life,

Cause before you, those dreams were my life,

It is still, but now a part of me thinks more about you, 

I want you, but not half of you 

I know this might not reach to you,

But truly I do not want half of you !!