Do things right from the first time!!

Why the youth rush things off,
When you need to make your mark and go on,
Why the people want the short cut nowadays,
When there are always various vehement ways,
Why the people want early success,
When you need to grind to remain a rex,
Is it so tough to do things right from the first time,
To work in the background to sustain your shine,
Why you cannot give time to sharpen your skills,
When you want to embrace the peak of the hills,
In life, you will need the boat to sail down,
You will need the bridge to hold the crown,
The things will look dark with time,
There then the things done right from the first time,
Will hold your mind, ease your breath,
As you have trained yourself for the wrath and the wreath,
Yes, there is never a single way to reach the pinnacle,
But you always need time to untangle the shackle!!

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