Skansen Kronan, Gothenburg, Sweden

Last summer had the breeze of newness,
With the kiss of sun, and dwelt in rawness,
It was about to discover more of myself,
To read where I can relate myself,
A book, just a book and some days for it,
While people were passing by, I was clocking there just to sit,
That zeal, I can still relate,
As that book and every paragraph, I can relate,
That charm of the main character,
Or that zeal of city peak was like nectar,
While reading, I had tears of joy,
As I can connect with that girl and a young boy,
Who had similar roots,
Similar education just like a river and its brook,
But they had a dream not to dry up,
One had more private, the other with each step aimed to ramp up,
I do not know what they think, whether they made it,
But I believe they at least cherished it!!

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