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Swedish Lappland

I have wished for this trip, this sight,

To encounter the wildness of snow and some what of northern light,

An experience to add on, a time to cherish on,

Some breath-taking views to some light to add on,

Where the mind is above the buzz of daily life,

Where I can gaze the beauty of nature and its rife,

I want more of this where I get peace of my mind,

To enjoy the warmth of the cottage and some old rewind,

Old is not so bad when it is music and your group,

When you go out with tons of clothes on you and like a troop,

We really marched in snow, unsurprisingly slipped in snow,

We again stood and walked to feel the fresh snow,

Then the mind alerts that all this is temporary,

As the real waits for you after this fairy,

So, the heart says I want more of this,

That view close to arctic and far from fizz!!

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