Cheers to the Journey!!

I still remember my high school time,

Where I firstly heard about the Nobel Prize,

I came to know that this is the utmost you can get on this earth,

For this you have to be selfless and worth of every worth

Then I heard about the city where it is given,

It is Stockholm, the Scandinavian capital and something like heaven,

Now, I am halfway, in quarter of my life,

Halfway as I am in Stockholm but far and far away from Nobel Prize,

But as I am halfway, I am graduating from Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan,

You own the pride of being from KTH and from the alma mater of founder of Volvo

But the biggest perk is that you get your degree in Stockholm City Hall where Nobel is awarded,

Hence, you say that I am halfway yet far to be rewarded,

The City Hall embraces the charm and charisma of people who changed the life of millions,

The City Hall inspires to do great for the life of remaining millions!!

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