A lot in my mind…

Why I have lot of things in my mind,

Why I am not still ,and daily rewind,

Why there is still loneliness deep down the line,

Why I am silent yet whine,

Why I still scroll up and down,

Why I am scared and frown,

Why my life is in a hustle,

What can I expect from inside tussle,

I know the time is running and have a lot to do,

How can I manage myself between me and you,

I am struck, I am in middle of my fights,

I lost the space in between the dark lights,

I kill my time, but why can’t I kill my thoughts,

I still scroll back to the time, and try to shape like wrought,

Still a lot to bring out of me,

Still a lot to clear between you and me,

Still I have to pitch for something what I feel is big,

Still I come across the lines which I have to rig,

Still I write for the stories I have in my mind ,

As I still wait for the day where I unwind,

Why I just have to keep my thoughts to myself,

Why can’t you hold and unfold the stack of shelf,

The shelf of my memories, and my desire,

The stack of piling pressure and the live wire,

Daily sun comes and set to the opposite,

So why cannot my beats hymns with the opposite,

Why I do need to convince myself, Why…

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