In 20’s, where you travel and

Where you have lot to think and share,

Where you have lot to gaze and stare,

Where you have lot to do and still remain unaware,

Where you have to be rugged and tear,

Where you have lot to swear,

Where you decide your life and it’s affair,

Where you just can just go with the flow,

Where you can simply stand or bow,

Where you easily cry and still stand tall,

Where you can easily smile during fall,

Where you have come a far,

Where your mind is always in middle of war,

Where the whole world is a sense for you,

Where even the breathe is a scar for you,

Where the shallowness is new for you,

Where the love is truth for you,

Where you have a sense even to make nonsense,

Where you have freedom inside the fence,

Where you have time to carve the inner you,

Where you a state to take the wrong angles of even a correct view !

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