Might these lights are really far……

Central Stockholm

In lieu of commotion, in lieu of creations,

At a stage of doings, just fighting from inside admirations.

I knew, I am not made for this,

But still knocking a while, waiting for the fall of fizz.

‘Why’, this always comes from inside,

Matter of choice or a matter of destiny to abide.

It’s very easy to know, what you want to do,

Cause what you do in the me time, is what you want to do,

I aspire, I crave, for a wishful life,

But I know my limitations, like a sharp less knife,

I feel the numbness, I understand my dumbness,

I strive for pinnacle, but always restricted to less.

I look around and find people always better than me,

I am like a bird whose cage is open but don’t want to see.

I want to fly, to make a life of admirations,

I fail to manage and might die always seeing the other inspirations!

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